New Windows 10 Update Boosts Your Battery Life Up To 10 Percent

According to what Microsoft recently announced, it appears the next Windows 10 update will have the technology that helps to save the battery life up to 10%. If true, this is a quite good news for users who are using the laptop as they can now use it a bit longer.

That said, basically, this technology will be based on the new background management, which assists in cutting down the power consumption.

Called the Power Throttling, this new system is now only available for Insider Preview users. According to the information, it will automatically optimize the way applications, and built-in Windows features use the CPU’s energy to save more power and make the battery life much longer.

It appears this feature works the same as the new and recently released feature in Google Chrome, which prevents all the inactive tabs from running and using the CPU resource. Therefore, it helps to save the battery life and allows users to use their laptop longer.

More specific, when the Power Throttling feature is enabled, it will analyze your Windows system and detect the unnecessary background applications and then prevent them from using the computer resources. All the other and essential apps are still able to operate normally.

Besides, the Power Throttling feature is also able to detect when your laptop is connected to the power source. In that case, it will automatically be turned off and leave all apps work normally. Also, this feature is only available for laptop or notebook. It appears the Power Throttling won’t be available in the desktop PCs. We don’t know how they can detect this, but let’s wait.

At this moment, Microsoft doesn’t say when the Power Throttling will be available to users. But one thing for sure, it’s not in the Creators Update this month.