Don’t Need To Worry About Issues In Windows 10 Anymore

In the previous version of Windows, such as Windows XP, Windows 7 or even the Windows 8.1, there are some issues may come up when using the system. Those issues could be a problem with new or failure hardware, drivers, incompatible apps, or suddenly increase resources usage, like the way svchost.exe (netsvcs) or tiworker.exe is hogging your CPU resource.

Fortunately, since Microsoft launched Windows 10, those issues are rare to show up. Sometimes, we got a few complaint about increase resource usage or blue screen of death due to corrupted drivers. However, the percentage of those errors isn’t much and take less than 1% of all Windows 10 computers.

In our perspective, Microsoft has worked very well to improve their Windows 10. Following what they claimed, this is the final version of Windows. So you won’t be seen or heard about Windows 11 or any other versions in the future.

Instead of developing a new version of Windows, they have focused on improving the current version and pushes to us many major updates. Those updates bring a lot of new and useful features, as well as improve the system and enhance it. It seems Microsoft wants to build the best desktop operating system for users, and want to beat others, like Mac OS, or even Linux.

We don’t know whether Microsoft will win in this battle and takes the market share from others. However, we respect what they did and give us a good operating system.

According to the research, there are hundred million PCs have installed or upgraded to Windows 10. If you are still wondering about upgrading to Windows 10 or not, then probably you need to borrow a Windows 10 PC, try it by yourself and then make your own decision.

For sure, we guarantee that you will love Windows 10 at the beginning. The reason is that it comes with an excellent user interface and amazing features. There are a lot of useful features you need to find out, including Cortana, which will help you to do everything with your voice.

Using voice command, you can quickly ask Cortana to search anything from the Internet, open a new application, load a new website and much more. Day by day, Microsoft is working to improve this virtual assistant to help it more reliable and efficient.

Like we said if you are still confusing about take the upgrade or not, why not try it yourself because you have 30 days to roll back to your current version of Windows. For example, if you are running Windows 7, then you take the upgrade. After that, if you don’t feel happy with the Windows 10, just need to click a few buttons and roll back to exact what you start from.

What is your thought?