Netflix Monthly Subscription Tariff

Currently, you will be charged $8 per month to use the Netflix streaming service, able to watch SD movies on one device. If you upgraded to a premium plan, there are more able to do such as watch HD movies, watch movies on two devices at once or maybe more, depends on the plan you have selected.

Netflix cost? It depends on the subscription plan you use. For example, you need to pay $8 per month for the basic plan, but the company will ask more for a higher plan, like $12 or $15. However, Netflix also has a good long-term program for valued customers, who stay with them for a long time. The company will mark down price for old customers.


For example, if you stay long enough on the Netflix system like one year or two years; you will be able to use HD plan for just $7 or maybe less. It depends on how long you have been using their service.

So, how much does Netflix cost is depends on the time you are using their service and depends on the plan you will use. There are a few alternative streaming services you could use like Hulu or Take a look on them!