Microsoft to launch new affordable Windows PCs

In the education technology conference Bett 2017 which is held in London, Microsoft has announced that new and affordable Windows 10 laptops are going to be launched in the market at the price of $189. The company has announced this when Google announced that they are focusing in the classroom centric chrome books. Both the companies are taking an initiative to implement advanced technology in education. However, Microsoft has announced that the windows 10 PCs which they are going to launch will be having utmost power, security and performance capabilities.

The major highlight about the windows PCs is they will be available at the same price as Chrome books. Therefore it is clearly understandable that both Google and Microsoft competing each other in launching technologies in the education field. The Microsoft’s Intune which is mainly intended for education will be having the Windows 10 and other related cloud services such as Office 365 Education etc. It is expected that the preview of the Microsoft’s PCs will be available from the coming weeks. Apart from these things, the Microsoft PCs will be having many other things such as Acer’s Travel mate Spin B118 which has an 11.6 inch convertible notebook with the 360 degree hinge.

This model will be available at the price of $299. There are many highlights in this model and for instance this will be having four different usage models and it will be able to run on Windows 10 pro along with a stylus in order to support Windows Ink. Since it has Acer materials in it, the company Acer has claimed that the battery of this model can sustain for around 13 hours. Likewise there are plenty of interesting things in these models and the company has declared that this model will be suitable for the schools and also for the teachers as well as IT administrators to manage shared device in the hassle free manner.

The service from the company offers a specialized setup in order to configure the default policies of the devices as well as users in a school or district. The company said that this service will allow the administrators to customize around 150 granular settings so that it will be easy for them to allot a student and apply the needed apps, hardware, start menu, Windows defender and browsers etc. This is one of the important things about the service offered by the Microsoft. Apart from these things, the service of Microsoft will also let the users to assign and deploy the combination of education as well as web apps from the windows application store.

Added to these things, the company has also claimed that it will update the Minecraft: Education Edition and add more interesting and efficient features to that. Hence the individuals are able to use all the options and complete the things that they want in the hassle free manner. Therefore the current users of Microsoft are eagerly waiting for the update and they are ready to purchase and use the updated things.