Learn How To Fix Dns Probe Finished Nxdomain Error

As I said in the previous article about solutions to fix err_connection_refused error in Google Chrome; this internet browser has many unknown errors, which will need you to troubleshoot when it happens in the browser.

Today, I will tell you an another error in Google Chrome, which is related to your internet connection. This error will happen when your internet connection isn’t stable or blocked by any application like firewall or internet security apps.

If you want to fix this error: Dns_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain, you have to disable internet security program or the built-in firewall temporarily to verify if the internet connection was blocked by these programs or not. Sometimes, this error happens when your computer can’t connect to DNS servers. Make sure the internet connection via these DNS servers is good without any interruption.

You can also replace your default DNS server by other DNS services like OpenDNS or Google DNS. After changing your default DNS servers, all internet connections will be going to thru these DNS servers and will be more stable than the old one. It will make sure your internet connection will not be interrupted.

Flushing DNS cache on your computer is also helping to solve this problem. Sometimes, your computer was pulled wrong DNS information from the DNS server and it doesn’t match with the current configuration. So in order to solve this problem, you have to clear all DNS cache on your computer, and then the error will be fixed.