Intel’s plans for the development of retail industry

In the National Retail Federation’s conference, the CEO of Intel Brian Krzanich announced some important things regarding Chipmaker’s latest platform on the retail sector. Actually it is known as Responsive Retail Platform and from the side of Intel, it is stated that this retail sector will be very effective in connecting the disparate islands of the in-store technology. Hence it will be very easy for the users to develop as well as deploy the IoT (Internet of Things) services and software. With the help of this option, it is possible to put the retail software as well as hardware together in the standardized manner.

Apart from these things, the users will also be able to bring the sensors and APIs for this purpose. The marketing director of Intel, Ryan Parker has said that the company is planning to launch Xeon-based multi-talented processor for the stores. However, the main core of this effective platform is the low power integrated sensor of Intel along with the capability of RFID. Along with that, this will be having an expandable sensor suite which can allow the third party vendors and other sensors. However, the sensors which are implemented with this processor will be able to track the generate in-store data and the inventory which can highlight the customer preferences and the store activity.

In fact the RRP has also included the open source analytics platform as a service (PaaS) for the cloud applications from the ISV (Independent software vendors). Though a RRP is running on the present Intel Core i7 processor, some advancement is needed in the processor in order to function well in some other aspects. Intel has also announced that the company will enable the Intel Xeon Processor which is based on the gateways in order to improve the efficiency. In fact this platform is being used in the Intel’s partner ecosystem.

Apart from these things, the company has announced that they are having the plans to invest around $100 million in the next five years in order to develop the retail industry. Everyone believes that this investment from Intel will definitely help the retail industry to get and utilize the best technologies such as robotics, virtual reality and the inventory management options. Meanwhile, Krzanich has also announced that the launch of these technologies will not displace the workers in the field but it will help them to develop the field in the better manner with the latest technologies.

Since the announcement of Intel, the individuals in the retail industry are eagerly waiting for the launch of new technologies. Therefore it is expected that the company will make better decision soon and initiate the steps to develop the retail industry. Since many advanced technologies are going to be launched in the market, it will definitely help the people in the retail industry. In fact, the company Intel is also planning to launch many innovative and interesting technologies for many other industries too therefore the decision of Intel is being appreciated by the individuals from various fields.