Impact of Facebook and Snapchat on news outlets

Unlike the earlier days, many people have started to use social networking platforms in order to communicate with their friends and family members which are in any part of the world. The social networking platforms not only allow people to send text messages but also to make video calls and post images, videos and etc in their profile. Hence those things will be noticed by the other people who are in their friends list. However, when it comes to social networking platforms, facebook will be the first one which strikes everyone’s mind.

Though there are many other social networking platforms, facebook has many interesting options that people expect therefore it becomes very easy for the people to make use of all those things and have better communication with their dear one. When compared with other platforms, facebook will be the user friendly and effective network in the present days. Day by day, the individuals are able to get many new updates and features as they desire. Likewise there are many reasons why facebook is being the preferred choice of many people in these days.

In fact today many instant messaging applications are also available therefore the individuals are also able to make use of those applications and stay connected. Snapchat is one of the most popular instant messaging applications which are being used by many people today. The major highlight about this application is it ensures utmost security to the individuals. For example, if you are sending an image to your friend through snapchat then it will be displayed only for few mins. After that the image will disappear automatically. Hence this will not allow the receiver to save the digital content without the sender’s knowledge.

However, today facebook and snapchat has combined together and offer the service to the people and because of that, many news outlets have impact in their business. As everyone knows, people are able to get to know about the trending news through facebook and hence there is no need for going to another website in order to get to know about those things. Similarly, people are sharing the important news through snapchat and this will also make an impact in the news outlets. In a recent survey, it is determined that many outlets are losing their reach because of these networks.

Instead of visiting those platforms, the individuals are able to use the social networking platforms and get to know about anything in the hassle free manner. However, when compared with the news outlets, the social networking sites and the instant messaging applications will not give the actual news to the people therefore it is always better to prefer them for the individual’s purpose. However, many people are not choosing such resources and they are simply utilizing the available options for their purpose and as the result, the above mentioned things are happening. But still there are many people who use to prefer the online news outlets in order to get to know about the things in the proper manner.