How To Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation Error In Windows

Blue Screen Of Death or aka BSOD, is one of the most annoying errors on Windows OS. When this error occurs on your Windows computer, the whole system will be crashed, closed and stopped at the screen with blue background, and error details. That’s the reason why we call it as the blue screen of death.

From the Windows 10, the screen of this error is more beautiful and not simple like in the previous versions of Windows. It still has the blue background, but comes with less text than the previous versions.

The first BSOD error in Windows 10 I have seen is the Dpc Watchdog Violation error. In most cases, this error is related to the old firmware of your solid-state drive (SSD). You are using a SSD on your computer and it has an out of date firmware. That’s the reason why you got this error with the blue screen error on your Windows computer.

Sometimes, this error will let you access to your computer. It only happens a few times in a day and repeat. But sometimes, it will freeze your computer at the blue screen error and won’t let you access the computer to fix the problem. In this case, you can boot your computer into Safe Mode and then install the new and the latest firmware for your SSD. By doing that, the error will be gone and never appear on your computer again.