Facebook: Testing of News Feed-style ads in Messenger

Facebook will show a few users ads of News Feed-style carousel within Messenger as part of a new trial. The ad units will allow the users to swipe through cards from five dissimilar advertisers. In addition, it will only be exist to a few numbers of users in Thailand and Australia according to the product head for Messenger. Facebook is thrusting News Feed-like ads exact on to your Messenger screen that eternally on the lookout for fresh revenue streams. This kind of test only affects users from Thailand and Australia. However, it would be tricky to visualize a scenario where this did not go global after the bends have been worked out.

The new ads will come into view on the user’s latest conversation. Users will have the alternative to report or conceal ads that are unpleasant or unrelated according to the announcement. These ads are mainly intended not to obstruct with your chats. The test ads will never instigate in your conversations. No one will observe an ad in a chat devoid of clicking on an ad experience lying on the home screen of Messenger or commencing a discussion with a brand. This sort of Facebook test is not unpredicted.

Ad experience on the Messenger

The company is testing lots of new formats nowadays and it is one among them. Investors have warned about the decrease of revenue growth advertising last November as due to the reduction of ad load this year. Less numbers of ads only appear in a News feed. Ad offerings are pushed toward mainstreaming by the companies like Snapchat and Facebook. These sorts of move will claret TV-esque and charges as per their hope.

The trend seems to recommend fewer or more pricey advertisements and those outstandingly featured in places outer the News Feed that is full-screen Canvas ads, Facebook Instant Articles and video. The ads will show “below the fold”, it means that users will have to scroll a little bit to search them. Users can be targeted by the advertisers as similar way they do on Facebook. It illustrates that they won’t be able to aim based on any information available in a user’s private messages.

A very small scale trial

Sponsored messages are one kind of Messenger ad that is already offered by Facebook. In addition, it is a type of brand that can send to a user just the once they have already exchanged messages. News Feed-style ads are not indigenous to messaging as like sponsored messages. Stan Chudnovsky who is a product head for Messenger had said that Facebook is before now aware of that and strained on various events that this was just a trial.

Facebook felt weird to test the idea of ads in Instagram feed and News Feed while started. Facebook said on its previous earnings call that development has expected to slow significantly in 2017. They don’t want to take risk by invading user privacy. It is just a very small scale of test and to observe how people react.