Things You Should Know Before Installing Windows 10

August 29, 2015
The Windows 10 has been introduced by Microsoft in September last year, and the company has just released the Windows 10 RTM a week ago. If you are planning to upgrade your current Windows operating system (OS), like Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, to the Windows 10, what you should know before

PoWiFi: power over Wi-Fi, charge devices through wireless signals

August 29, 2015
The technology is growing up every day with many new fantastic and useful technology that can apply to the life and help it to be better. But there are some troubles that scientist still could not solve: the battery life, and it’s a big issue for most handheld devices like laptops,

The First All In One Computer From ASUS With Windows 10

August 26, 2015
Microsoft has released the Windows 10 RTM for all users around the world in the last month and it’s now active on 75 millions computers. Many companies and manufacturers have joined in this market to release computers and laptops that pre-loaded with Windows 10. Acer did not outside of the

Beyerdynamic Introduces The DTX 350m Headset

August 25, 2015
This new multimedia headset is based on the standard version of the Beyerdynamic DTX 350p headset, and it seems to be a good product in the multimedia lineup that good enough smartphones and tablets. The new new DTX 350m multimedia headset is features a high quality microphone with hands-free